Long Sleeve Woven Waterfall Fur Jacket White


Luxe woven natural rabbit fur jacket

Soft drape jacket with thick soft woven rabbit fur with full length sleeves

Waterfall style foldover drape collar at front

Length: 52cm at centre back (size Small)

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At Haute on High, we believe in sustainable, slow fashion that our customers will love and wear forever.

Our furs are responsibly sourced, environmentally sustainable, and ethically produced from a natural, renewable and biodegradable resource.

In order to minimise global waste, the fur materials used in our garments are a by-product sourced from certified farms following strict international standards. No different to the leather, wool, cashmere and silk farming industries. Every part of the animal is utilised, for human consumption and pet food, and the fur is on-sold to our manufacturer for clothing.

Our furs are designed to be kept and worn for many years and handed down to the next generation, in contrast faux fur and fast fashion will only last a season or so and then end up in landfill. The production of synthetic furs (essentially plastic fibres) use petrol-chemicals, cause more harm to the environment than using natural fibres and will also not break down once disposed of, as natural fibres would. As we all know plastics are extremely harmful to the world’s wildlife. The way the synthetic fibres are created for faux fur also creates micro plastic fibres which end up in our oceans.

Our pieces are hand-crafted by experienced technicians who have been practising this traditional technique for many years. Each piece can take days to produce, woven and stitched by hand, with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our products have not been obtained from wild animals or endangered species, but as a by-product. We place small production runs, carefully sized to avoid excess, minimising waste and over-consumption.

We strongly value freedom of choice. We appreciate people choose not to consume any animal products and they have every right to have that choice. This also applies to people who consume animal products and should not be answerable to anyone for that decision. Everyone has different priorities when considering choices on sustainability, personal style and ethics.

For us at Haute on High, we believe the level of warmth, softness and luxury quality is incomparable to alternative synthetics.